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> I agree with Tim that its sister products ArcView and ArcInfo are GIS
> benchmarks though my problem with them for use in PC design is their poor
> graphical ability and their relative lack of easy of use compared to
> MapInfo. The ESRI products from my experience are like AutoCAD: you need a
> reasonable amount of training to use them effectively.


There is a set of ArcView-compatible tools from CommunityViz that are great
for small community design and limited use in landscape management.  I'm
hoping that Permaculture and HRM types can start working with this group in
the future for farm and ranch design tools.


CommunityViz is a project of Orton Foundation, which is focused on
preserving rural communities through local & grass-roots empowerment in both
the technical and side of development policy and planning issues.  I'm a big
fan of their community video concept as well.


Both ArcView and CommunityViz are very affordable with for non-profits and
will operate on a decent PC computer platform.

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