[permaculture] Rock dust sources Lawrence used in NC

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Sun Apr 3 23:51:38 EDT 2005

Johnny Gregory wrote:

> Lawrence,
>   Where is the quarry you used here in NC and what type of rock do 
> they offer? Didi you use "fines"?

All certified rock quarries in NC use linked settling ponds that 
generate tons of "pond fines", i.e. rock dust.
Martin Matietta-owned quarries, American Stone Co. (MM-owned), Luck's 
Quarry in Haw River (MM-owned) .
The one on Huhhman Mill Rd south of Burlington on 421 has granite dust., 
the one near Chapel Hill has volcanic tuff (2nd
hardest rock in NC) dust and one near Hillsboro has Pyrophyllite dust - 
really fine stuff, no pun intended.


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