[permaculture] Rockdust

Anthony Briggs abriggs at westnet.com.au
Fri Apr 1 22:16:03 EST 2005

Claude William Genest wrote:
> As an aside, I would highly recommend listening to a tape which is 
> available free called "Dead doctors don't lie" by a man named Wallach - 
> He himself is somewhat of a buffoon and out to make a buck, but he sure 
> has done his homework and he tells a fascinating story, echoed in 
> "Secrets of the Soil" ( which has a great chapter on rock dusts and 
> Azomite)) about how the longest lived people in the world are those 
> living high in the mountains whose drinking water is so filled with 
> glacial runoff that it is chalky white....

Joel Wallach is a con man, and tells outright lies in his tapes - not 
only that, but his 'cures' are dangerous, often containing toxic levels 
of mercury, lead, arsenic, selenium, etc. There are a number of sites on 
the web debunking his story, which you can google for if you're interested.

Not that it's necessarily got anything to do with rock dust on crops, 
but ingesting it directly is a different matter.


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