[permaculture] Re:PC Certification and polluted atmosphere in list serve

Scott Pittman pci at permaculture-inst.org
Fri Apr 1 13:47:49 EST 2005

I'm sorry to keep this thread going, but in way of observation I think 
that the ?discussions? that have been taking place over the past two to 
three weeks are healthy for permaculture.  These are critical issues for 
the future of the movement and of course they carry a tremendous charge. 

If those of you who find it boring, not to the point, too passionate 
would bear with us ( and I think we are done) I think you will find that 
the gestation period following one of these "events" is around 8 - 12 
months.  During that period there are incredible useful tidbits shared 
among all of us.  It is a kind of warts and all world we live in and 
without them it would be pretty vanilla.

I appreciate that some of us are much more involved in certain aspects 
of pc than others but overall I think that all of us get a chance to 
learn and express ourselves in time.

It is too bad that the solution for some is to withdraw, but I have 
found that they usually come back on reflection, and I think that that 
is because Lawrence (thank you Mr. London) runs one of the, if not the 
best list serves on permaculture.  I mean the openness and willingness 
to share hard won knowledge is incredible on this site, and with 
openness comes all of it, anger, love, frustration, guilt, honesty, 
dishonesty and on and on with the human thing.  I believe we are all 
evolving creatures and every stage of that evolutionary path is 
represented on this list.

Scott Pittman

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