[permaculture] Please let's not debate

Lisa MacIver lisamaciver8 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 1 00:11:27 EST 2005

If everyone bit their, er, typewriter instead of replying when they 
are incensed, this list would be a much more pleasant place.  

Personally, I don't know why change the PDC, it ain't broke, as far 
as I can tell.  Why can't we add courses specialized for other needs, 
and leave the PDC alone?  I don't see why the PDC has to be all things 
to all people in all circumstances...

Why does it seem that everyone wants to teach permaculture?  Doesn't 
anyone want to do real work?  Real work is growing food and planting 
trees, that produces a net gain to the planet.  While teaching is 
valuable, if there are enough teachers then it's just overhead.  Maybe 
these are my values and different from others - but I look at the 
three ethics and it seems like going out and planting things and 
helping out in your community (and maybe researching guilds) are far 
more in line with that, than just being one more permaculture teacher. 

And speaking as a former outsider, the permaculture movement, such 
as it is, seems to be very inward looking and somewhat obsessed by 
the PDC.  Insofar as the goal of a movement would normally be to 
share it with others and grow, why is most of the talk about each 
other (and negative), rather than about what you did around your 
neighborhood, what you learned about some subject, what you have 
growing?   I was surprised to learn so much in the PDC course - after 
following this list for a year or so, I had very low expectations 
going in, and wouldn't have taken it except that it was local, on 
weekends, and in winter, so it didn't overly impact my real work 
(growing food), or my day job.

Maybe there should be a separate list of the small number of 
permaculture teachers who need to form consensus about the course? 
And we perhaps can use this list to talk about *permaculture*?  

I've been looking at openpermaculture list, but I don't see any 
difference in the topics there, either. 

Lisa in Ashland Oregon

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