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Eugene F. Monaco efmonaco at comcast.net
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In addition to all the great advice you'll get, remember this:
Be real sure to bench the edges, and be especially careful to make the walls
of the edge bench vertical and the shelf of the bench level or even sloped a
little toward the edge, which is tricky.  It's real easy when you're
digging, to unintentionally slope the bench a little toward the middle of
the pond, even when you're aware and trying not to.  This partly occurs when
you drape the liner over the bench and it has a tendency to round off the
corners. Even a little angle (slope) will make your rocks around the edge
(or pots of water plants) slide down into the center of the pond, especially
when you start building rock sculptures stacked on top of one another.  Be
careful to create good structural stability at the edge or you'll be sorry.
Once the liner is in place it's a real pain to fix.  Bought that T-shirt.

-Gene Monaco

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How big a pond ? ( I just got through building my second one)..... One 
of the keys is that it not merely be a hole but that it have a variety 
of contours, ledges, depths etc.....another is that you have either 
clay or a liner, and another is that you have access to an existing 
pond's water so as to inoculate your own with the right 

In terms of engineering per se, is it a pond or a dam ? Will it be fed 
by run off ? In this case yes, you will have to consider spill ways 
etc.  and it will require a substantially more involved email :-)

Let us know,

On Monday, September 27, 2004, at 09:41 PM, Anne Erlandson wrote:

> Does anyone have any recommendations for books on the intricacies of 
> building ponds?  My husband wants to get someone out with some sort of 
> digger and have him dig a hole and it seems to me that a little more 
> engineering might be advisable.
> Thanks!
> Anne in Seattle
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