[permaculture] municipal sludge

Roxann Phillips roxann at ancientearthwisdom.com
Sun Sep 26 19:47:24 EDT 2004


I would have to wait a little longer before implementing this form of
fertilizer.  If plants can produce phytoestrogens that affect our bodies
definite ways, why is it a stretch of the imagination to think that ~our
hormonal/endocrine constituents will affect them, which in turn will
affect us when we consume them?  Do we assume these hormonal
constituents in plants are there only to affect us when we need them?  I
think they serve a purpose in the plant kingdom as well, and that they
might react to taking in our pharmaceuticals. Plant chemistry is so
complex, I cannot
help but think that ~something goes on with it when they take in such
substances, if they take in such substances.  It's just the unknown of
all that still bothers me too much.  I think I will wait and see before
adopting or encouraging the use of municipal sludge.  However, I think
individual organic households and intentional communities should
be able to implement the practice with a measure of safety.


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