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Graham Burnett grahamburnett at blueyonder.co.uk
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On our permaculture introductory courses with our particular venue (Dial
House) we feel that specifiaclly 'communal' property isn't an issue, and it
isnt. Cups don't have names on (but tend to be quite identifiable,
f'rinstance, I seem to have developed a connection with the cup with a
picture of two hens on), but washing up, meal preparation, etc, just gets
taken care of (course organisers, hosts and 'teachers' mucking in with
everyone else) without any angst. All part of the communty building/probelm
solving process as far as we are concerned...

Cheers Graham

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Meg in KS wrote:

ps  - As to the whole cup washing story.  Really interesting.   I
believe, though,  that that doesn't really say as much about ownership
and/or responsibility as it does about people not liking change.  People
didn't wash the cups without their name on it because that wasn't what
they were accustomed to doing.  I'm quite sure that given enough time,
they would have either come up with another system (everybody take turns
washing all the cups, for example), or found a sharpie and rewritten the
names and returned to the system they were used to.

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