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Roxann Phillips roxann at ancientearthwisdom.com
Wed Sep 22 18:03:12 EDT 2004

So Toby, did he continue with the greens, only growing them under trees,
letting the leaves return the fertility?  If so, is there something else
one would need to add, like lime, to make the soil suitable for the
greens?  Or did he switch to marketing something altogether different?
I am very interested in the forest farming, but I'm trying to figure out
just what kinds of crops I could grow in quantities enough to bring to
market weekly and preferably almost year round...  I am already working
on the medicinal herbs, such as goldenseal and ginseng, but would really
like things like vegetables, fruits, and berries and mushrooms that can
be sold at the local markets.  Another question.  Can I innoculate the
ground in my forest to grow more mushrooms like the morels?  I came
looking late in the season last april and found some, but not a
sustainable quantity for market. I may have missed the peak, but I'd
really like to grow more of those - they were delicious!

Roxann, zone 6 in NW AR

Another option is deep-rooted perennials. Jerome Osentowski was a market
farmer selling greens, but was appalled at the his huge imports to make
work. He converted to forest gardening, so the tree roots could tap all
fertility that had leached deep into his soil from previous years. Cut
imports way, way down.


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