[permaculture] Organic farming and permaculture in Cuba [For those interested]

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Wed Sep 22 02:51:17 EDT 2004

Lawrence F. London, Jr. wrote:
> Thanks to Jason I have been able to make contact with someone involved 
> with natural agriculture in Cuba
> and have sent him an invitation to join this discussion forum. My email 
> from him is in Spanish and I can
> make only an educated guess as to its content. Could anyone translate 
> this for me?
> If Roberto is only able to post in Spanish are there any volunteers who 
> would translate his messages and repost
> to this list? Thanks in advance.

Thanks to Bart Anderson for this translation. I am posting it here with my reply, for those
wanting to know more about our first list subscriber from Cuba. It would be great for anyone speaking Spanish
to post a PC list welcome message in Spanish for Roberto.

 > =================
 > Hi Lorenzo
 > Claro que nos interesa participar en un debate profundo sobre
 > permacultura. Tenemos bastante información sobre las experiencias de
 > permacultura y agricultura orgánica en Cuba y nos gustaría compartirla.
 > Mi limitante sería el idioma ¿La discusión es toda en inglés?
 > Por alguna casualidad eres el Lorenzo que conocí en octubre del 2000 en
 > Sasardí Colombia cuando formabas parte de la Caravana Arcoiris por la
 > Paz?
 > Saludos Roberto Sánchez
 > =================
 > Hi Lorenzo
 > Yes we would be interested in participating in an intense (deep, profound)
 > debate (discussion) about
 > permaculture.

Hello Roberto:

I was delighted to read your reply. Yours is the first contact I have had with someone in Cuba.

 > We have much information about the experiences of
 > permaculture and organic agriculture in Cuba and we would like to share it.

I and many others in the Permaculture Forum will be looking forward to hearing about the work you and your friends
have done and what you have learned in the fields of permaculture and organic farming.

 > My limitation would be language.  Is the discussion entirely in English?

Yes it is, though several people who participate in the forum speak Spanish.
To help us communicate I hope you have friends in Cuba who will be able to translate some of the
forum messages into Spanish for you.

 > By any chance, are you the Lawrence whom I met in October 2000 in
 > Sasardí Columbia, when you taking part in the Arcoiris Caravan for Peace?

No, I am not him. I live in Carolina del Norte and have never been south of Mexico. I do
have a number of friends here who participate in international peace activities, many of whom have
been to Cuba on field trips.

I will subscribe you to the list now and will look forward to much interesting dialog
with you and others over the years.

 > Regards, Robert Sanchez/
 > =================

Paz y prosperidad,


lfl at intrex.net

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