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> In pictures in this page: http://www.seedballs.com/hazelip.html there are many
> raised beds
> shown laid out in parallel with paths. What sort of tillage methods did she
> use and did she do
> this work herself?


Emilia used a big 5 hp? rototiller to loosen up the topsoil over a broad
area, then the soil was mounded up into curved beds.  They did that by hand.
This gave the beds a "double dig " layer of topsoil.  Then the subsoil-level
pathways were filled in with woodchips, as I remember.

I think they had a bit of a problem with water accumulation in the paths at
first, but they solved that later with some diversion swales.

I'll have to find that video we made of her slide show...  I can't remember
all the details. 

I used a very similar system myself in the early 80's... Also inspired by
Fukayoka.  It's incredible to see the crumb structure develop in the soil
over the years.    It's like a rich German Chocolate cake!  You can dig out
a chunk of soil with your fingers and break it open like a piece of bread.
The scent of living humus in heady stuff.

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