[permaculture] city chickens

Jocelyn Paquette & Bob Ewing sixdegrees at baynet.net
Sun Sep 19 14:44:53 EDT 2004

Greeting; this is useful info :

in the city of Portland, Oregon, you can keep up to three hens without 
any kind of license or permit.  Roosters are not allowed.  If you want 
to keep more than three, you need a permit.  A permit costs $31 and it 
does not need to be renewed, unless you move.  To get a permit, you must 
comply with some fairly easy rules, such as keeping your chicken pen so 
many feet away from houses, and telling your neighbors that you're going 
to be keeping chickens.


What I am actually looking for is specifics and ideally someone who has 
experience with the process of changing a bylaw.

Bob Ewing

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