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Jay Woods woodsjay at cox.net
Sat Sep 18 09:33:47 EDT 2004

In addition to Osage Orange, Black Locust and Catalpa have been used depending 
on climate. However fast growing fruit and nut trees are better for your 
purpose of planting the posts (rather than growing elsewhere and sticking 
them in holes). I can recommend Black Walnut, English Walnut, Mulberry 
(male), and Cherry in Nebraska/Iowa. The growth time is 10 years. 

On Friday 17 September 2004 10:53 pm, Roxann Phillips wrote:
> I am glad you brought up the fence posts topic.  We have 160 acres to
> fence eventually.  To begin, I am only going to fence the west and south
> ends because we are located in a dead end canyon, surrounded by
> unoccupied land on the other directions.  The property is laid out
> square, but the land itself is very rugged.  I am thinking of planting
> osage trees along the fence lines with the intention to eventually grow
> them thick enough to be the fence themselves.  But before they mature
> enough to post the fence to them, I'll have to use steel t-posts.  The
> osage trees would be thick enough (hopefully) to prevent breakthrough by
> the livestock, as well as offer wind protection to crops.  They should
> also grow tall enough to provide discouragement to deer.  Now, the
> question is:  has anyone else done this, and how long did it take the
> trees to grow to a useful density?
> Roxann
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