[permaculture] fence posts

Roxann Phillips roxann at ancientearthwisdom.com
Sat Sep 18 09:54:13 EDT 2004

The land is an old abandoned farm in the Ozarks.  Osage grows around
there, but I haven't found one on my property yet.  I can get seeds
easily enough, and from your description, it sounds like a good tree to
use.  Other trees that grow easily there are black walnut, cedar,
persimmon, hickory, sycamore.  I know someone who made a furrow and
dropped walnuts, husk and all, and they are coming along nicely now,
too.  I wanted to take out the cedars, using them in our house and
outbuildings, because I have heard they carry a disease that will affect
the apple trees.  Does anyone know whether apples will grow happily in
the same area with cedars?  This old farm is very overgrown and needs
LOTS of work to get it producing again.  I'm trying to use permaculture
techniques for the most part in the restructuring.  

I have the rest of my life to see results, I guess :)  But it needs to
start producing income within a couple years!



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