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At 03:52 PM 9/17/04 -0600, GlobalCirclenet wrote:

> >Learning Pc can be done any of a number of ways: PDCs, books, study
> >mentors, internships, etc.
>I find it very odd that these workshop people don't stress learning
>permaculture by actually practicing it.

If by "workshop person" you mean either someone who's put on a Pc workshop 
or one who's taken one...*I* learn more about it every day/month/year by 
practicing it. Wouldn't have it any other way. And *every* Pc teacher I've 
ever met has emphasized practice over book learning. Only a very bad case 
of selective blindness and deafness could miss something like that.

>While we're on the subject, how many "certified"
>people actually go out and do "permaculture design" for paying clients?
>Does anyone know of any?

I know at least three.

I hate to sound disrespectful, i.e. lowering myself to your level. But I 
agree with Toby; your mind appears made up based on your own internal 
ramblings. You're certainly not paying any attention at all to people with 
ten or more years' experience at practicing and/or teaching Permaculture. 
Are the facts too inconvenient for your little theses?

I admire the patience of Toby and a few others in painstakingly trying to 
answer your questions, despite your apparent imperviousness to anything 
other than the voices in your own head.

Personally, I think you're just trolling. You've decided you can get 
attention here by saying outrageous things, and you'll keep at it until 
everyone ignores you, at which point you'll go annoy some other mailing list.

Pitiful, really.



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