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Will Carey cure at rtinet.com
Thu Sep 16 15:37:59 EDT 2004


The Permaculture Design Certificate was created to recognize and authorize
consultants.   In the 1982 PDC, we were  introduced, by Andrew Jeeves and
Bill  Mollison, to the concept of becoming professional Design Consultants.
We would charge land owners for our design expertise by creating a
Permaculture Plan for their property... And also, perhaps, take a percentage
share of their "added savings" or "extra profit" resulting from the
application of the Permaculture Plan.  That way, we would take our income as
a direct result of adding to the abundance of the land and community....
Being paid to heal as a dividend of the restored fertility.

Unfortunately, Permaculture in North America, has become a Culture of
Courses, no Consultancies and top-heavy with Teachers, not Designers.

There are farmers and ranchers going broke every day for the lack of good,
honest, Permaculture strategies.  I'm sure they'd be glad to pay 5 percent
of their extra profits for a good design.   But Permaculture needs to
actually mean something to people...  We need more project portfolios
documenting successes on the ground....   Farm ground.

I did see one in Sunset magazine a couple months ago....  It shocked me to
see it.    

This kind of thing is so rare.


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> And this has value as a body of knowledge, which is why people feel like
> paying for it.
> No one asks for a course grad's certificate because this is unimportant.

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