[permaculture] It's free on the web/ was questionaboutPCDcourseprices

Rita van der Vorst gutleben at utanet.at
Thu Sep 16 12:26:57 EDT 2004

Hey, are are some of you forgetting that one of the major principles in
permaculture is the one of diversity? Diversity is only there when you have
differences!!! There is no need for riding on them, instead I would suggest
to examine view points, even life styles, and compare them with our beliefs
and needs? (That's what permaculture design does!) And then chose what's
important for our own system. What is not important and even looks strange,
nonsensical or worse might deserve a comment or even a discussion to find
out whether we haven't fully understood this yet, or whetehr there is a real
need not addressed, and beyond that - at least I -  try to be respectful and
try to recognise that there must be a wide range of different solutions to
whatever situation (problem).

I have been a teacher for many years, and still now and then earn money that
way. And how often have I managed to help somebody on their way, not only
educationally. IMO, we do need good educators, see the word... e(x) ducere,
to draw out... And that is IMO what GOOD permaculture teachers/courses do
while giving out information one could have found on the web.

Please  keep on giving good courses, writing good books, but also help and
support others who want to offer things without financial awards, as you
already do with your webpages, handouts, free sessions etc.!
Please keep showing us how to life a less money-centred life (for me the
path closer to it is really hard, as probably for others coming from similar
backgrounds!), and how to take care of the commons without ownership.

The good energy connected with all the above will help make the needed

Thanks for a lively discussion, in which I found the contributions less
contradicting than the authors seemed to experience them.


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