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One of those free places is the big list of PC links at
http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/Links.html . I rather imagine that people
getting $700 a pop don't advertise all the free PC information out there.
But if they can rake in that kind of money, no concern to me, I can't
afford it. 

My concern is this: to spread more PC information and experience it needs
to be geared to the vast majority who are working people, small farm
families just scraping by, and so forth. Because those who can afford the
price of these seminars, the travel expense and overnites, and afford the
time off work to attend, comprise a very small fraction of the
sustainability-minded population. Sometimes the goal gets confused with the
objective. They think, ok, permaculture is good, I teach permaculture and
get paid for it, so the more people I get to my seminars the better.
Getting people to paid seminars becomes the goal instead of an intermediate
objective. The original goal was to spread knowledge and practice of
permaculture. I'm committed to the goal in my own work. I charge for
bedding plants and produce. But I give information out for free. I want
everybody to compete with me.

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On 9/9/2004 at 9:09 PM Graham Burnett wrote:

>> I think that rather than wasting time arguing about what the course
>people might make better use of their time by digging said "free"
>information off the Web (which requires that someone has paid for the
>hosting the info and for the computer used to retrieve it, the electricity
>to run the machines, and the infrastructure connecting them)
>And spent time researching it, writing it up, posting it up to the web...
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