[permaculture] earthships and greywater

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Sep 7 00:21:27 EDT 2004

Paul A Cross wrote:

> I think many of the people working with John Todd moved to Taos to work with
> Dharma on their "wastewater" system called Living Machines. They're working on
> their third generation system now. Check out
> http://www.dharmalivingsystems.com/livingmachines/index.php

Here's some memorabilia:

To: sustag-public at twosocks.ces.ncsu.edu
Date: Thu,  2 Sep 93 14:58:00 -0400
From: glenn.mcknight at canrem.com (Glenn Mcknight)
Subject: Living Machines Conference


The Coalition for a Green Economic Recovery will hold a conference
October 1 to 3, l993 to discuss and promote the economic and environmental
advantages of living machines.  Living machines are, simplistically,
engineered water ecosystems which use natural elements such as sunlight,
plants and animals to break down toxins, concentrate metals and treat
organic material in sewage and waste water. Living machines can be part of
clean, simple, economical and environmentally viable solutions to a number
of problems.  They offer less costly alternatives for municipalities
planning to spend billions of taxpayers dollars on expansions and new
sewage and water treatment systems.  They do not use chlorine.

Incidentally, this permaculture forum got its start at twosocks.ces.ncsu.edu,
an email server run by the USDA Cooperative Extension Service. We were allowed
space and bandwidth there for many years. They enabled us to have a permaculture mailing list
when none existed anywhere else, except for one run by Victor Guest in Australia
and later, one on Envirolink.

Thanks be to the good people at Extension!
lfl at intrex.net

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