[permaculture] earthships and greywater

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Tue Sep 7 00:01:55 EDT 2004

Paul A Cross wrote:

> I think many of the people working with John Todd moved to Taos to work with
> Dharma on their "wastewater" system called Living Machines. They're working on
> their third generation system now. Check out
> http://www.dharmalivingsystems.com/livingmachines/index.php
> And look at the case studies below there. May be of interest, but they are
> more concerned with larger than a single family home situation (i.e. 600 to
> 750,000 gallons per day.)

That's an impressive project. I add their URl to a contructed wetlands page:


Some older but interesting bioremediation and aquaculture information:



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