[permaculture] earthships and greywater

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If you are building an Earthship you must know Michael Reynolds the
architect who designs them. He has greywater plans and I am sure would love
to help you. All my Earthship books and videos are loaned to friends, but I
think he is near Taos,New Mexico.....just do a Google search on Earthships
or greywater and you will find him and tons of info.....

Good luck!


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Greetings, an earthship is being build about 90 minutes northeast of 
her, in Nolalu, Ontario. We are ready to design and install a greywater 
system but lack experience and good information. We could use 
references/suggestions on how best to proceed.

The region has short summers, and long cold winters, A warm winter day 
is minus 25-20 C, there are often longs stretches, (1-2 months of minus 
40). The  first frosts have come in some nearby areas.

Bob Ewing
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