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Cochran, Jason jcochran at pa.peacecorps.gov
Fri Nov 12 16:32:27 EST 2004

Hello all:
Volunteers working in our projects down here in Panama are reporting the
presence of army worms (translation from spanish) that are eating everything
up and may be keeping the inactive-composting side from really getting hot.
Has anyone had similar experiences?  The worms are small and grey and are
quite abundant.
Thanks for your help!
Jason Cochran

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Today's Topics:

   1. Brewing Compost Tea (Forest Garden)
   2. Fw: [greenaction] Spain Mandates Solar on New Homes
      (Victoria Clarke)
   3. Re: Horinca/palinca (dtv at mwt.net)


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Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 12:15:19 -0600
From: "Forest Garden" <forestgarden at austin.rr.com>
Subject: [permaculture] Brewing Compost Tea
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Brewing Compost Tea at Home.
7-9 pm, November 12, 2004
Red Rock Elementary School - 2401 FM 20  about 35 miles SE of Austin, TX
(there is a playscape outside and my kids will love to play with yours)
Sponsored by the Texas Organic Farmers and Growers Assoc.

Come spend an evening learning how to brew your own compost tea - its easy
and fun!.  The simplest method only requires a 5 gallon bucket and a bit of
attention.  Learn about the different techniques, the ingredients, and the
process for making the 'juice' your plants will love.  Learn how to tell
when the brew is going well, and when it is not.  And, most importantly,
learn about the bacteria and fungi that create the incredible benefits of
compost tea.

Gary Freeborg is the speaker.  He is a land restoration consultant and
permaculture designer  He regularly teaches classes on sustainability, land
management, biodiversity, and eco-agriculture.  Gary began his career in
1982 working for Lowery nursery, which is Texas oldest native plant nursery.
>From there he spent 6 years at an 1800 acre nature preserve involved with
all aspects of native plants and animals, habitat restoration, organic
gardening and environmental interpretation.  He then moved to Austin TX,
where he and two brothers acquired land and began exploring organic and
Biodynamic agriculture, growing native trees, produce and mushrooms.  An
intensive Permaculture course with Bill Mollison in '95 began a process of
bringing a wide range of disciplines together with the goal of healing the
land by jump-starting natures own cycles.  His company BioDiversity offers
large and small landowners a wide variety of revolutionary strategies to
bring vibrant health back to the land, and increase the biodiversity in
soil, plant and animal communities through consulting, education and
research.  Gary has brewed thousands of gallons of compost tea and regularly
uses teas in his land restoration projects.

If you can, bring a bucket of your best compost to share with others.  We
will have a compost swap after the class.

This event is free of charge.  Call Marjory Glowka at 512 442 7037 for more


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Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 22:55:41 -0800
From: "Victoria Clarke" <v.clarke at mindspring.com>
Subject: [permaculture] Fw: [greenaction] Spain Mandates Solar on New
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Subject: [greenaction] Spain Mandates Solar on New Homes

> Spain makes solar panels on new homes mandatory
> Hoping to catch up to solar powerhouse Germany, sunny Spain has
> announced that as of next year, solar panels will become mandatory on
> new and renovated buildings.  The government is shooting for a tenfold
> increase in the total square footage of solar panels by 2010. Domestic
> solar usage is low in Spain, though the country is a leading
> manufacturer of solar panels.  With oil above $50 a barrel, the
> government claims that solar power could save each household more than
> $100 a year just on water heating costs.  The initiative could also
> make a notable dent in the nation's greenhouse-gas emissions. Industry
> Minister Jose Montilla promised subsidies to ease the transition, but
> gave no details.  Spain's socialist government is headed by Prime
> Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, upon whom a Grist editor who
> shall remain nameless has a considerable crush. This solar business is
> only going to fan the flames.
> straight to the source:  The Times, David Sharrock, 09 Nov 2004
> <http://grist.org/cgi-bin/forward.pl?forward_id=3571>
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Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 03:05:18 US/Central
From: dtv at mwt.net
Subject: Re: [permaculture] Horinca/palinca
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For the sake of accuracy rather than argumentation, slivovitz (or slibowitz)
is a synonym
for tzuica 
which is the first distillation of the plums, & is slightly cloudy & is
lower alcohol
content than palinca/
horinca.  Palinca/horinca is the redistillation of tzuica/slivovitz.  Here
in Romania
there is a saying 
about how the weather when it is sleeting is like slivovitz falling from the

Sloe gin is made from Blackthorn plum (prunus spinosa) tho it could
potentially have any
number of 
other plums added to it.

For horinca/palinca everyone uses grafted plums (regional cultivars of
prunus domestica)
grafted on 
Myrobalan plum.


On Nov 10, 2004, at 1:47 AM, David Neeley wrote:

>FYI, palinca is better known in the West as slivovitz, which is sold
>in package stores throughout the U.S. It is also the national drink of
>Croatia, among others.

>Sloe gin is also flavored with the same type plums used for slivovitz,
>by the way.


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