[permaculture] Visit to a collective Horinca Distillery in Hoteni, Romania

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Tue Nov 9 14:23:25 EST 2004


It's one of the amazing anomolies here in Romania is that there is no recycling anywhere
in any rural 
area here, the waterways are piled with garbage & plastic, reminding me of the way our
countryside in 
rural Wisconsin looked in the early 60s when I was growing up.  Yet plastic liter bottles
are used by 
everyone until they are literally dark & stained.  In the markets many different home made
products are 
bottled in recycled plastic (we got some fermented borsht soup broth today), people get
their drinking 
water from naturally carbonated springs, wine, liquor etc.

The trick with wine of course is to make sure the cap is sealed tight & no air gets
inside.  Less of an 
issue with something high alcohol like horinca.


>So, the wine lasts ok in the plastic bottles?  I thought that wine HAD to be
>in wooden vats or glass to keep?

>I'm so glad you shared about this,

>- As with the
>wine, the finished product is put in recycled 1 liter water bottles & stored
>in the pantry.  

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