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> There is far too much overengineering here. Remember that 10 foot diameter
> corrugated steel pipe (http://www.ncspa.org/ for the trade association and
> http://www.acipco.com/ for an example company) is used to give farmers access
> to their fields underneath freeways and to provide drainage for streams. The
> key thought here is that arched structures (like hobbit holes) carry far more
> load for the cross section than do load bearing flat ceilings.

Fellow Hobbits...

I agree ...arched structures are best.  I've researched some East Indian
sites on prefab ferro-cement technology with precast barreled vaults.  But
they aren't easily buried and might tend to accumulate moisture between the
vault ends. 

But in US....there's a firm in Texas with the most cost-effective method of
concrete dome construction I've found.  They start with a big inflatable

They also give "hands on training" every year for self-builders... Two or
three classes a year, I think.

They claim to have great success with underground structures....



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