[permaculture] Re: Hobbit hole tech specs 2

Will Carey cure at rtinet.com
Sun Nov 7 13:37:55 EST 2004


I'm only in the research stage myself.  I'm not the one to ask about tech

There's not a great deal of web resources about this kind of underground
construction... I'm looking at the potential for using it in cold, dry
climates like Montana, where the costs of construction will pay back quickly
with energy saving in those cold, cold winters.   It really makes sense in
an extreme climate.

But if you've using this as seasonal housing for summer crews/ interns, then
you might consider other options like straw bale, cob, etc.

My research tells me that building underground quadruples all the design and
engineering problems.  So, when I win the lottery  and move to Montana, I'll
be hiring an architect with some experience...

You might try experimenting on something small, like a storm shelter/ root
cellar or something.  Learn by doing.  I'd be interested in seeing the


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