[permaculture] honey locust trees(Jerome

Jerome Rigot rigot.3 at osu.edu
Tue Nov 2 09:27:16 EST 2004

Hi Sandie,

I have the hard copy of Oikos catalog and in it the Honey locust, 
"Millwood" cultivar is described. I didn't realize that the on-line catalog 
didn't list it. The hard copy catalog mentions that this cultivar is 
thornless and was developed to yield large amounts of sugary pods 
specifically for use as a feedstock. I would think that it would be great 
for goats. I would suggest that you contact them either by e-mail or phone 
(see web site for contact info, http://oikostreecrops.com/) and get more 


At 07:56 PM 11/1/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>Jerome,I can't seem to find the Honey Locus on the page you gave, What are
>they listed under? Would thesre be a good food for goats? How would you keep
>them from eating the trees ond only eat the fruit? Thanks for your time .
>Sandie OR,
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