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Johanna Huss Dowd johanna_dowd at earthlink.net
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St. Lawrence Nurseries in Potsdam NY has " Thornless Honeylocust" Gleditsia
triacanthos. Check it out at


This is a small family run operation. The trees and service I got from them
have both been of excellent quality. I can highly recommend them.


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I'm interested in buying a hundred honey locust trees for my permaculture
farm.  I would
like to find trees that appear to be heavy pod producers to help feed
cattle, chickens,
pigs, goats, etc.

My understanding is that the pods will only form on female trees.  I'm
guessing that
without a male tree nearby, even the female would be podless.  

I'm having a hard time finding a supplier of honey locusts that are savvy to
the tree
gender.  Anybody have a source?
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