[permaculture] septic renovation

John Ferree seldom.seen at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 18 19:48:21 EST 2004


i recently found out that my septic system was a little less complex
than i had hoped (*really* old house).  the small tank hooks into clay
tile, snakes a bit and continues down a hill and then drains about 20'
from a small creek.  From the lack of records i assume it has been this
way since the outhouse was outdated 40+ years ago.  

Sometime over the summer i'm hoping to dig a septic field and put in a
distro box, but i'm wondering whether there aren't alternatives worth
considering.  I've looked into composting toilets, but the cost of a
prepackaged (new) unit is prohibitive.  

The layout. . . < 50', 10-15' drop to creek off the NE corner of house. 
75-100', 15' drop to creek straight north of soil pipe.  The soil is
heavy clay with a hardpan 18-24" down.  There is room for *something*
north of the house that will have adequate clearance from the creek and
aquifer contamination is not an issue with the lower soil horizons.  

thanks much,
john ferree

(hey clint....que pasa contigo?)  

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