[permaculture] pond question

margi oaksong at peak.org
Thu Mar 18 10:35:26 EST 2004

i know someone who made a big pond with a pond liner, and after awhile 
the liner was punctured because deer were walking through it, and i 
guess the pressure of their weight concentrated on those little hooves 
was enough to bust the liner.  I think a thick-backed carpet underneath 
the whole thing might have prevented the problem.  


Clint Popetz wrote:

>On Thu, Mar 18, 2004 at 06:50:09AM -0700, Richard Forster wrote:
>>I think maybe the carpet lining was intended to go underneath the
>>liner, as sort of an insurance liner, which wouldn't be a bad idea
>>would it? Maybe a layer of sand in between the carpet and the liner
>>to make everything an easier fit? 
>I know that when using a pond liner (EPDM) for a living roof, putting
>a layer of carpet (or cardboard, or any material that gives) under the
>liner is a good thing(tm), to protect against punctures.
>				-Clint
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