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Jerome Osentowski jerome at crmpi.org
Thu Mar 18 09:28:55 EST 2004

Yes we used a carpet under our pond liner here at crmpi for that reason, and
it seem to have worked well. One thing we have to keep up on is to keep the
top foot under some vegitation to keep the sun off the liner  as the water
level goes up and down .  One good idea that  came from a passing wolfer was
to make cob mixture  that he put under the flag stone walkway around the
pond . It hanges down to the waters edge and  wicks up water. this can be
planted with lots of stuff like mints and other stuff like water cress
purslane camomile  wild parsley.  the bees can land on this to get a drink
too.   we ususally have a few large carp in the pond to amp up the nitro
cycle and use it as a foliar feed for the forest garden.  the carp are fun
to ketch and release.  saves me a trip down the fry pan river where all the
rick folks do ketch and release on trout.   jerome
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>From: Clint Popetz <clint at cpopetz.com>
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>Subject: Re: [permaculture] pond question
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> On Thu, Mar 18, 2004 at 06:50:09AM -0700, Richard Forster wrote:
>> I think maybe the carpet lining was intended to go underneath the
>> liner, as sort of an insurance liner, which wouldn't be a bad idea
>> would it? Maybe a layer of sand in between the carpet and the liner
>> to make everything an easier fit?
> I know that when using a pond liner (EPDM) for a living roof, putting
> a layer of carpet (or cardboard, or any material that gives) under the
> liner is a good thing(tm), to protect against punctures.
>     -Clint
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