[permaculture] Permaculturists needed at Natural Building Colloquium-East (June 26-July 3)

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Wed Mar 17 11:07:58 EST 2004

There will finally be another Natural Building Colloquium in the East (NY 
State). The only previous one in the East was in Maryland in 1998. There 
are some snapshots from it at  http://potkettleblack.com/natbild/nbce.html

While they have at least three dozen presenters lined up already (most of 
them are listed 
at  http://www.gaiatecture.com/workshops/nbce04/nbce_presenters.html  and 
for links relating to some of them, see the bottom of this message) they 
still have room for a couple permaculture presenters. Here are a couple 
quotes from the organizer:

 > The PeaceWeavers reside in Bath, New York on Thunder Mountain, a 250 
acre wildlife sanctuary.  Thunder Mountain encompasses a spring-fed, five 
acre lake, beautiful
 > deciduous and evergreen forests, apple and pear trees and an organic 
farm.  Through their retreats and gatherings, the PeaceWeavers inspire 
individuals and families to
 > embrace greater peace and wellness.  For over a dozen years, this group 
has been offering healing community experiences which have touched 
thousands of people.
 > NBCE 2004 will help fulfill their vision of becoming a model of 
sustainable living using renewable energy and natural building. For more 
information about this community
 > please visit their website at www.peaceweavers.com

 > The community has a need for Permaculture expertise to guide the 
development of gardening and land caretaking around the existing buildings 
and structures built
 > at the colloquium.

If anyone is interested in presenting please email me (Sarah Machtey) 
at  mudhome at netzero.net

There will also be a Renewable Energy Expo on the Wednesday during the 
colloquium, for which they still have room for more presenters, vendors, 
and sponsors. If you know of anyone interested, they can email me too.

For anyone interested attending the Colloquium, or just the Expo, please 
see a letter from the organizer, which I have included below for links to 
more information and registration. I have, of course, left off the 
attachments mentioned since this message is for a list. If you want them, 
just email me.


 > Dear Friends and Colleagues-

 > I am pleased to announce the 2004 Natural Building Colloquium-East (June 
26-July 3). This event is facilitated by Gaiatecture Design and hosted by
 > thePeaceWeavers at their Thunder Mountain Wellness Center in Bath, New 
York. Bath is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of Central New York.

 > This event is being held for the first time ever in New York State and 
follows the overwhelmingly successful 1998 NBC-E in Davidsonville, MD.  The 
2004 NBC-E
 > will be a week full of teaching, building, and networking among 
professionals and neophytes in the fields of natural building, 
permaculture, renewable energy and
 > sustainable technology. Here's a quick link for more information about 
the event: http://www.gaiatecture.com/workshops/nbce04.html.

 > Attached is a Colloquium announcement and official poster. Please assist 
us in promoting this event by forwarding on the information to your e list 
 > posting the dates on your web calendars and distributing the 
downloadable flyer to locations in your area.  This is an exciting 
opportunity and one that should not
 > be missed!

 > The website link listed above is updated regularly with information 
about the Colloquium. If you have questions about the event please feel 
free to email me at
 > gaiatecture at hotmail.com, for questions about registration please email 
the PeaceWeavers at pw at peaceweavers.com

 > Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you at the 

 > Mary Golden

 > Note: Your email is included, as per your request, in a workshop 
information e-list maintained by Gaiatecture Design.  You may also be 
receiving this information because it has been forwarded to you via an 
e-list that you
 > have requested information from. If you are on multiple lists, you may 
receive repetitive announcements and your  understanding is appreciated. 
Please note e-lists are not shared by Gaiatecture Design. if at any time you
 > prefer to discontinue mailings please notify me at 
gaiatecture at hotmail.com   Thank you.

Clark Sanders of Just Another Way Builders

Paul Lacinski of Green Space Collaborative

Ianto Evans and Linda Smiley of Cob Cottage Company

Ben Graham and Amber Wiggett of Spiralworks

Mark Hoberecht and Chris Fox of Harvestbuild Associates, Inc.

Jim Juczak, cordwood owner-builder

Rob and Jaki Roy of Earthwood Building School

Josh Jackson of Humble Abode Design/Build

Frank Meyer of Thangmaker Construction

Catherine Wanek and Pete Fust of Black Range Lodge

David Eisenberg and Tony Novelli of the Development Center for Appropriate 

Darren Port of the New Jersey Green Homes Office

Dan Chiras of Sustainable Systems Design, Inc.

Sun Ray Kelly of the School of Natural Living

Johnny Weiss of Solar Energy International

Phil Hawes of Ecological Systems Design

Doni Kiffmeyer and Kaki Hunter of OKOKOK Productions.

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