[permaculture] Fruit fly problem

Colin Endean kunmanara at mpx.com.au
Wed Mar 17 01:18:19 EST 2004

These are probably 'vinegar fly' rather than what we usually call fruit 
These are very fond of the 'vegie scrap' bucket and the worm farm 
whilst there's decaying fruit material. Attracted to the acidic 
Make sure it's not too moist and becoming anaerobic. Otherwise we've 
been living with a few hanging around the vermicomposting bins for the 
many years they've been consuming our kitchen scraps. Seems OK if 
they're outside. Part of the web of life, decomposing the once living 
matter of fruit and vegies.
On 17/03/2004, at 4:07 AM, Antonio Scotti wrote:

> Hi,
> I have being doing some vermicomposting at home for a year now, and 
> one of the problems
> so far is that there is a proliferation of fruit fly.
> Does anyone know what might be a possible cause and what to do?
> Antonio Scotti
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