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A Permaculture Handbook For Britain
& Other Temperate Countries
by Patrick Whitefield

$65(PcA), 2004, 480pp, 206 black and white photos, 43 colour photos, 145 
line diagrams & numerous tables.

Seven years in the making, this is the long awaited study of 
permaculture specifically for cooler climates. It takes a detailed view 
of designing sustainable systems both large and small, urban and rural. 
Defining permaculture and placing it in the context of the green 
movement, this important book is divided into three parts. Part One: The 
principles underlying permaculture as applied to soil, fertility, water, 
climate, microclimate, energy and materials. Part Two: Applying 
permaculture to buildings, gardens, orchards, farming, woodlands and 
biodiversity. Part Three: The permaculture design process in action, how 
to develop your home or project on permaculture lines, plus many useful 
skills and techniques. Scrupulously researched and written in an 
accessible style by Patrick Whitefield, one of Europes foremost 
permaculture teachers, designers and author of How to Make a Forest 
Garden and Permaculture in a Nutshell. It is lavishly illustrated, 
filled with case studies and useful contacts.

The Good House Book:
A Common-Sense Guide to Alternative Homebuilding
Solar * Straw Bale * Cob * Adobe * Earth Plaster * & More
by Clarke Snell

2004, 240pp, $20 (PcA)

Clarke Snell is a builder with experience using a wide variety of 
materials and techniques, both conventional and alternative. The 
construction project closest to his heart is his own partially bermed, 
passive solar house, which he built in the mountains of western North 

Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls
By Nigel Dunnett and Noël Kingsbury

2004, 256 pp, hardcover, $35 (PcA)

This book introduces a revolutionary new concept to gardeners. Planting 
on roofs and walls began in Europe, but it is now becoming popular all 
over the world. Green roofs and walls reduce pollution and run-off, and 
also help insulate and reduce the maintenance needs of buildings. 
Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls discusses the practical techniques 
required to make planting on roofs and walls a reality. It describes how 
roofs may be modified to bear the weight of vegetation, considers the 
different options for drainage layers and growing media, and lists the 
plants suitable for different climates and environments. This 
informative book will encourage gardeners everywhere to consider the 
enormous benefits to be gained from planting on their roofs and walls.


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