[permaculture] electronic remineralization information?

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 29 21:43:32 EST 2004

On the subject of remineralization, one of the priniciple folk to 
consult is Joanna Campe, as you have found. Her website, for those who 
haven't visited, is  at

Another contact would be Acres USA.

I've been using minerals for soils for 20 years and the results of doing 
so are obviously beneficial. I will continue to do so henceforth.
When Y2K threatened, our ecovillage invested in 30 tons as a HIGH 

Stephanie Gerson wrote:

>howdy permabodies,
>   my name is Stephanie and I am working on a remineralization project in 
>New Mexico (using rock dust to revitalize eroded soils).  For the project 
>proposal, we must validate the efficacy of remineralization.  So I was 
>wondering if anyone knew of or had any electronic resources (articles, 
>websites, etc.) demonstrating the success of basalt and/or zeolite in 
>remineralizing the soil, ideally current (within the last 3 years), and 
>most ideally in New Mexico (but another region will do as well).  Any 
>relevant electronic resources you could refer me to would be *much* 
>appreciated (yes, I've spoken with Joanna of RTE and googled these 
>topics, and now I am turning to yalls for assistance).
>   thank you very much...
>               peace
>                   *Stephanie
>Stephanie Gerson
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>(c) 415.871.5683
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