[permaculture] electronic remineralization information?

Stephanie Gerson sgerson at stanfordalumni.org
Wed Jan 28 16:43:01 EST 2004

howdy permabodies,

   my name is Stephanie and I am working on a remineralization project in 
New Mexico (using rock dust to revitalize eroded soils).  For the project 
proposal, we must validate the efficacy of remineralization.  So I was 
wondering if anyone knew of or had any electronic resources (articles, 
websites, etc.) demonstrating the success of basalt and/or zeolite in 
remineralizing the soil, ideally current (within the last 3 years), and 
most ideally in New Mexico (but another region will do as well).  Any 
relevant electronic resources you could refer me to would be *much* 
appreciated (yes, I've spoken with Joanna of RTE and googled these 
topics, and now I am turning to yalls for assistance).

   thank you very much...


Stephanie Gerson
sgerson at stanfordalumni.org
(h) 505.758.2806
(c) 415.871.5683


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