[permaculture] Permaworld?

Robyn Francis erda at nor.com.au
Sat Jan 24 08:18:57 EST 2004

On 24/1/04 5:28 PM, "John Schinnerer" <john at eco-living.net> wrote:

> Permaworld came round on the list in the last year or two.  Check the
> archives.  Generated some hot conversation about "dirty" vs. "clean" money,
> "ends" and "means," all that good stuff.  PC Int'l has gotten some funding
> from them.  Looks like Sea Shepherd has now too.

Yes Pc International has been receiving donations from Permaworld for the
past couple of years which has helped the organisation through a difficult
transition period and has in turn meant Pc Int'l has been able to send
resources (journals, books, seeds etc) to numerous struggling pc projects
around the world which it otherwise would not have the funds to do.

The originator of permaworld has a genuine interest in pc from the years he
lived in Lismore Australia where PIJ used to be published. Re the pc
products, they'd have them up there if they existed - particularly
interested in electronic info products like e-books etc.
The Amazon Rainforest group have received huge amounts from permaworld -
they're on the ball with their promo and offering holiday gimics and stuff -
permaworld donors choose which organisation they want their $$ to go to.

The Pc Int'l board has checked out the legitimacy of the org, they're
operating legally and the people joining are doing so willingly and
nominating the recipient org for their donation. It's their choice to
participate and to choose their cause. I personally choose not to get
involved in such schemes but I also think it unfair to judge. PIL doesn't
grill every donor and member as to how they acquired their money, if their
job is 'clean' or 'dirty'....


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