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Claude William Genest genest at pivot.net
Wed Jan 14 10:28:02 EST 2004

Wow !

That's quite an inspiring read. Way to go Josh !

Are any of Glover's speeches available to read ?

Warmth and cookies,

Claude :-)
On Saturday, January 10, 2004, at 03:20 PM, Joshua Dolan wrote:

> Hi Claude
> We managed to raise $200+ for the farm and for the
> Paul Glover campaingn, but alas, he lost by a
> conciderable margin.  If all goes well, though, Ithaca
> should be just about ready for Paul's ideas by 2007.
> There are many other things happening right now, here
> in I-Town, cold weather aside.  Mark Lakeman and Jenny
> Leis came through back in november for a cith repair
> workshop, and we have been moving ahead with the
> project ever since under the name Friendly Streets.
> We are currently working to secure our first
> intersection.  Food not Lawns is also moving forward,
> and I have been organizing a seed by/sustainability
> talking circle for the beginning of February.  Many
> people are excited about growing food in the city come
> springtime.  Jera Farm is hosting Finger Lakes
> Permaculture Meetings every monday night.  The best
> way to describe what we are doing is creating a
> bioregional planning board.  By the summer, we hope to
> have a seed exchange, bioregional congress,
> permaculture fundamentals course, citizen recyclers,
> energy co-op, and much much more up and in full swing.
> For anyone interested in adding their energy and
> expertise to the Ithaca scene, now is the time.  There
> are great things happening here.
> On top of all of this, there is always fatherhood.
> Gaia is groing in to a beautiful, funny and
> compasionate little girl.  She gives me more joy than
> I could ever have hoped for, and it is for here that I
> do what I do.  I would love to hear from the list and
> get feed back from anyone who has experience in
> bioregional organizing, food co-ops, and organizing pc
> cources.
> Peace and Carrots
> Josh
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