[permaculture] Really Cold of Greece

Andrew Clements jara at otenet.gr
Thu Jan 8 12:33:03 EST 2004

Hello ,

  I have recently acquired a North East facing terraced slope plot of about
2 and a half acres at an elevation of about 2500 ft asl in the mountains in
Western Greece . On the plot I have a mixed orchard and a two hundred year
old , two storey stone cottage . The cottage has no electricity , no running
water inside and it is BLOODY FREEZING !!!! It was abandoned about 50 yrs
ago and no one has lived there since . I am renovating it and I want to use/
have been using natural traditional building techniques and permaculture
ideas . I have a large inglenook fireplace but the house is colder when I
light it than when it is not lit . It started snowing two weeks ago and we
are about 3ft (1 metre) under . Night-time temps can fall to -10 degrees C.
Can anyone give me some very urgent advice on how to heat the place
sustainably , non-invasively QUICKLY b4 I perish from frostbite and
hypothermia .

Thanking you in advance ,

(aka - Really Cold of Greece ;-((

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