[permaculture] FW: Alternative Insurance cooperative and finance discussion group forming

Chuck & Linda clearned at bminet.com
Mon Jan 5 19:17:49 EST 2004

This financial discussion reminded me that folks on this list might be
interested in a newly formed discussion group.
There is a new discussion group formed and we are inviting folks interested
in the topic of exploring how to insure or better yet cooperatively protect
our important investments such as our homes. Hopefully we will also discuss
how to cooperatively finance our alternative homes and endeavors.
Instructions on how to join follow below.
Here is an intro written by a generous person who is sponsoring this
advertising free discussion list.
An important question that continues to resurface with regard to
"alternative" homes is that of INSURANCE. It appears that many insurers
hesitate to insure alternative homes, and those that have in the past are
tightening up their belts and dropping anything which is even slightly out
of the ordinary. Or hiking the rates.Part of this of course is because
insurance companies work by averaging risk, and alternative homes (and
espeically owner-built homes) are unknown quantities to them. They don't
know if there will be qualified contractors available to repair any problems
which might occur, and they don't have any solid data on the cost of such
repairs.Recent discussion on at least a couple of discussion lists indicated
interest in pooling the interests of builders and homeowners from the
alternative building community in order to find solutions to this continuing
problem. Ideas such as cooperative self-insurance, or working an arrangement
with some of the more open minded insurance companies have been suggested.
Perhaps you have other ideas, and are interested in moving them forward.

Here's my holiday gift to the alternative building community: a new listserv
for discussion (and hopefully some solutions) regarding the question of
insuring our unconventional homes and other buildings. Without any annoying
advertisements, I might add.To join, send an email to:

AltHomeIns at lists.greenbuilder.com

with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Sign up, let's get talking.

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