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Toby Hemenway hemenway at jeffnet.org
Mon Jan 5 14:41:52 EST 2004

I was going to suggest that anyone interested in learning a lot about 
how greenhouses really function and the problems with them--mold, rot, 
condensation, etc-- contact Jerome O. I'm glad he's chimed in here, for 
as far as I'm concerned, on greenhouse wisdom, he da man! So check in 
with him first.


On Saturday, January 3, 2004, at 03:19 PM, Jerome Osentowski wrote:

> List  let me butt in here regarding greenhouses . In 1989 I put the
> subterrain heating system in my 60 foot free standing house and later 
> in the
> attached greenhouse.  Several years later John C. did the pc course 
> here and
> we teamed up to do greenhouse consulting together.  there are at least 
> a
> dozen that we have put in  to date.  None have any problems with mold
> comming
> from the soil that i know of .   I also put ths system in a greenhouse 
> in
> the south of france .  Last year I converted my larger house to 
> peranuals.
> ie.
> forest graden, indoors, for warm tempert, med, and subtropical.  I 
> will be
> adding more mid , and understory  herbs, to sell in the new bussines
> I just took over.   Aspen Herb and Spice.  In the spring I will have an
> indoor garden of Eden that pays its own way....  jerome
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