[permaculture] Lyx Ish 1956-2004

mIEKAL aND dtv at mwt.net
Sun Feb 29 02:06:29 EST 2004

Lyx Ish aka Elizabeth Was spent an all too short life being a 
musician, poet, gourd artist, gardener, painter, healer, 
instrument inventor, teacher of improvisation, mother of Liaizon
Wakest, co-founder of Dreamtime Village, of Xexoxial Editions, & gave
lovingly to 100s of people who took her classes or interned under her. 
   We were partners for 17 years & even after our divorce remained
collaborators. After being diagnosed with stage 4  pancreatic cancer a
month ago she passed very quickly thru the final phase of her life
surrounded by friends from all periods of her past.  She died
peacefully at 3:40 this afternoon in her home naturally & with
awe-inspiring dignity.

from her long poem EVERY LINES OTHER:

When language can flow like the body,
breathing out and in and in and out...
          Angels stand like children
           words grateful for music
      and fingers dancing with marker:
Language elevates, music ennervates.

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