[permaculture] ECO-Strength/Handling Difficult People

Sally Ramsden sramspare at bigfoot.com
Tue Feb 24 11:53:00 EST 2004

Hello PCUK and everyone who wants to see more change in the world!

Your Permaculture (UK) vision is remarkable! Our world sure is desperate for the ethics and change you bring in order to survive. As members, mustn't we take care of ourselves too, survive and thrive so to best demonstrate what we believe in, influence others and initiate change. Will you permit me to show all UK Permaculturists and eco-friends new ways to make more impact, safely and easily? 

Isn't trying to change the world challenging? As a British-Australian PC educator/activist, my work on the edge bombarded me with stresses, doubt, bureaucracies and opposition and burned me out! Uncovering the solution took me on a surprising ride through cutting edge mind technologies. There I discovered how each of us can become immune to stress and impossible to insult; how to predict/overcome obstacles; cut through fear and excuses (our own and others'); and maximise your resilience, personal power, and impact. What a find! Would you like to have all that?

To support you, valued colleagues, we've put it all into a fun, energizing, weekend workshop of proven techniques to strengthen you in these ways and more, and I'm bringing it to any available venue or institution near you. You can save yourself, and your friends, from stress and burnout and achieve far more of what you want in the world by helping me convene and publicise one of these workshops near you in early-mid July 2004. 

"STRENGTHEN the ECO-WARRIOR in YOU! - BE STRONGER! BE HEARD! MAKE MORE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! Gain Resilience! Develop Real Immunity to Stress/ Excuses/ Insults! Build Better Communities. Practical, Interactive, Affordable Weekend Workshop." 

To follow up, we offer ongoing support, individual and institutional coaching, a one day workshop designed to help communities function, and a second weekend workshop to suit you. "DEALING WITH HOTHEADS- Strategies for Communicating with Difficult People: Respond Resourcefully & Talk Angry People into Cooperation!" Both are also available in house if you want to accommodate your own organizations specific needs.

How relevant are these strategies to you and associates? Please will you let others know what we offer? Please ask for articles, brochure, bios, interview, samples and everything you need to decide. 

Please will you confirm receiving this email with any feedback, expressions of interest, encouragement, possible venue, or ideas for publicity you'd like to return to me? We need to know what you want asap to arrange flights etc. (We will be in London anyway June 25th to July 1st at a Neurosemantic Coaching Training. Anyone interested in finding out more about that, please let me know!)

Maybe you'd like to share with me any specific problem you face that, once solved, would be worth a lot to you. We can and will help you. Please let us know how.

Cheers! And Thanks from Sally Ramsden B.Sc.(Hons) sallyramsden at bigfoot.com

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