[permaculture] recipes using 'marginal' fruits, veg, etc

Kelly Lockamy garden_muse at bellsouth.net
Sat Feb 21 17:46:53 EST 2004

hey graham, if you get a submission for an eleagnus recipe, could you post
it?  my bushes are FULL of fruit right now.  i can't figure out why the
birds aren't devoring it.  i know a permie that makes wine out of the fruit,
but i'm hoping for something less strenous and time consuming.
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Subject: [permaculture] recipes using 'marginal' fruits, veg, etc

> Hi all- I'm putting together a vegan permaculture cookbook, and was
> wondering if anybody actually has any recipes for some of the more weird
> wonderful fruits and veggies mentioned in ken ferns book or on the PFAF
> database, esp. things like eleagnus, mahonia, etc?
> Ideally these would fit the criteria of the book in that recipes must be,
> Vegan, 2) Uncomplicated, 3) Use mainly ingredients that theoretically at
> least can be grown in the UK.
> If your recipe is used you will of course be fully credited, and get a
> copy of the finished book as well....
> Cheers Graham Burnett www.spiralseed.co.uk
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