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Simon Henderson has more than twenty years of experience in documenting 
traditional agriculture systems throughout the world. He traveled fairly 
extensively in  tropical regions studying bamboo'ss botanical 
characteristics and uses by many cultures.  In 1995 he established a 
bamboo agroforestry research farm where his  friends continue to  
conduct varietal trials on more than 30 species of bamboo. Simon has 
consulted for bamboo projects throughout Asia, Central America and the 
US. He  carries, with his fellows of Bamboo Nation and  Bamboo People, 
Daphne Lewis and Stuart  Brune  (Bamboo Research Station at Coyote Ranch 
near Stanwood, WA, USA), a vision of  bamboo as an element woven into 
Permaculture agroforestry and human cultural life. Simon will be 
remembered as an inspired Permaculture designer/educator and for his 
extensive writing on bamboo in the agricultural landscape.Read his 
Raising the Dragon: Bamboo Agroforestry in Southeast Asia or an article 
by him at  http://www.permaearth.org/bamboo.html

Simon, his colleagues, and fellow bambuseros have focused on urban 
gardening with bamboo introducing bamboo as a plant of world 
significance. They maintain  nurseries and offer instruction in 
installation, maintenance and harvesting of shoots and poles.

Rick Valley and the gang in the NW USA knew him far better than I, 
though I would have enjoyed spending more time with him and on his 
projects. He's worked with Toby Hemenway, Michael Pilarski, the 
Bullocks, Larry Santoyo, Jude Hobbs, John Schinnerer, Doug Abberly, the 
folks at Lost Valley, Jonathan Scherch, and many others. He helped 
awaken a lot of people to wonderful plants and to Permaculture. He also 
appears briefly in the Global Gardener video delivering strawberries to 
Cascadian Farms. May we all join him, his students and friends in 
keeping all his good works alive and thriving.

You can see a picture of Simon at http://fertileground.org/community/bamboo/
More at :  http://www.wildthymefarm.com/agrobamboo.html

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> in the world of plants, permaculture and eco ag?
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