[permaculture] Sweet potato

Antonio Scotti antonio.scotti at tiscali.es
Fri Feb 13 06:30:53 EST 2004

Hi Lisa and Scott,
what is the best methos to propagate them?
Just plant them on the ground such as ordinary potatos?
Somebody even told me once that thye could be propagated by cuttings of the
germinated s. potato

How long does it take to see th effects (provided one has used enough
All the best
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> Hi Antonio and everybody,
> I am one of the lurkers on the list...and am very happy to have access to
> much useful information...esp since I just moved to my "dream" farm.  It's
> 154 acres, with all kinds of neat landforms.  As soon as it gets warm I
> intend to start putting many permaculture principles in action.  Have
> the last 3 months planning.
> Antonio...one of my tricks when I want to expand a garden spot is to plant
> sweet potatoes on the very edge, right next to the grass, and with a
> of tilling.  the spuds do a good job of breaking up hard ground, and I
> all the vines go out onto the soil where they shade out grass and weeds.
> the time the season is over, and the potatoes are dug, I usually have a
> whole bed's width to till and use for the next season.  Then the sweet
> potatoes can go on the far edge again, and do it all over.  don't know if
> this is what you were meaning, but it does work.  Lisa
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> Hi,
> I'd like to use sweet potatos as a soil conditioner, in my garden.
> Has anybody had any experience about using them to share?
> Cheers
> Antonio Scotti
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