[permaculture] [FWD] Bush proposes to ax ATTRA!

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 > Subject: Bush proposes to ax ATTRA!

 > Greetings:
 > We're well past the last straw by now; however, I am discovering a
 > renewed capability of having my mind blown by the caprices of
 > politics. No doubt everyone will receive organizing e-mails etc. on
 > this issue, and the other egregious cuts in important sust/organic
 > programs proposed in the Bush budget. Aargh, I'm getting a lump in my
 > throat! How could anyone even think to X out ATTRA???
 > From a press release by Teresa Opheim, Executive Director, Midwest
 > Sustainable Agriculture Working Group and National Coordinator,
 > Sustainable Ag Coalition:
 > "The Presidentís budget proposes eliminating the highly-rated and
 > effective Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas or ATTRA
 > program. Currently funded at $2.5 million, the program is the major
 > source of sustainable and organic agriculture production and marketing
 > information for farmers, extension agents, and other agricultural
 > professionals. The proposed budget also would scale back funding for
 > the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program by
 > 22 percent to $13 million. The proposal would also reduce the research
 > and extension program to help farmers transition to organic
 > agriculture by 74 percent to just $500,000."
 > I encourage everyone to visit the MSAWG website at_ www.msawg.org
 > _to find out what you can do about this, and to do everything you can
 > to get involved in this year's presidential election so that we get
 > someone in that office who is friendlier to farmers and to the
 > environment.
 > I personally am participating in voter registration and
 > get-out-the-vote activities, and encourage everyone who can to
 > consider taking similar action so that we can have a real election
 > this time.
 > Peace,

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