[permaculture] nitrogen fixing trees/shrubs that feed livestock

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Wed Dec 29 15:12:36 EST 2004

Marimike6 at cs.com wrote:

> The only practical attainment one might achieve by that would be to have so 
> much kudzu vine that you could make it into insulated panels, using the felting 
> process. Or you could use it as a biofuel, since it grows as fast as you can 
> harvest it. Maybe one could put a string of electric generators across the 
> south, and minimize the use of coal in electric plants. I suspect kudzu has less 
> mercury-- and you don't have to remove mountaintops to get at it.

In flatland or similar terrain, with plenty of excavators and earthmovers waiting in the wings,
grow water hyacinth, kudzu and maybe elaeagnus, bamboo and other plants, in a a setting where they can be efficiently
harvested, and fertilize them with sewage sludge and effluent. In fact have a properly sized facility of this sort
at sewage treatment plants; generate methane for fuel to run some of the equipment. Byproducts (which could also be made on site)
would include paper, fuel, compost (seedless, of course) carbon sequestration and oxygen from the plants.

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