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Hi Bart,

I was unable to open the Columbia University link. The other one looked


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Lawrence Landon's links to the Danoff-Burg website at Columbia U. reminded
me of an excellent web page I've seen at that site.  It's a long page of
lecture notes on Invasion Biology:


Another website I've found useful for background on invasives:

"Triumph of the Weed" by John H. Tibbets at
http://www.scseagrant.org/pdf_files/ch_winter_01.pdf  ( 2 MB PDF )

The controversy about invasives frustrates me because I have friends on both
sides.  I see how easy it is to lapse into dogmatism and blaming.

The intensity of emotion seems to be inversely proportional to the amount of
knowledge we really have. Invasive behavior is probably much more complex
than we currently suspect.

- Bart

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