[permaculture] nitrogen fixing trees/shrubs that feed livestock

Marimike6 at cs.com Marimike6 at cs.com
Wed Dec 29 00:31:37 EST 2004

Toby says

>I find Mollison's classification a useful one: first use a native if it will
do the job, but if not (and if you want food, not many will in the US), a
tested exotic, then, finally, a small trial of an untested exotic.

Sounds reasonable. I wonder whether the person(s) who first put a couple of 
Asian snakeheads in his backyard pond up in Maryland felt the same way.


You don't know whether an untested exotic is dangerous until it jumps the 
fences. Then, gol durn it, some of them is dangerous. The Asian brown tree snake 
comes to mind.


Life can be ingenious. Watch out for killer shrimp.


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