[permaculture] Question about yields

m.iglesias at sb.mju.es m.iglesias at sb.mju.es
Mon Dec 27 14:28:19 EST 2004

Thank you for your kind responses.
I'll try to give you some details. I live in Madrid, in the center of Spain.

> Are you in a rocky environment, or do you have deep, fertile soil?

It is a conventionally fertilised soil (suposely deep and fertile "enough" 
acordingly conventional growers), irrigated from a near river trhough a channel 
(you must ask for water every time you need it).

> What is your rainfall pattern throughout the year?
It s a continental climate (dry and hot summers and wet and cold winters), but 
as already said, I can irrigate when necesary (all the surroundings are 
comercially and conventionally market gardens, but very few os them are 
biological or ecological)

> What crops do you find suited to your conditions?
>Potatos, corn and garden vegetables? Have you tried
>cut flowers for the floral trade?

I'll try a wide variety of them, including cut flowers.
>Are you close enough to New York City to truck your 
> crops in? 

Well, not indeed :-) but I hope Madrid will be a good substitute (3 millions 
people at 30 Km). 

>And do you use mechanized equipment or just garden with hand
> tools?

Only hand tools, and the land is 9800 square meters, or just a bit less than 
2,5 acres at 10 minutes car or 30 minutes bike from my home because I didn't 
find anything closer.

> Give is more specifics and I will bet there's someone on this list that can
> help you.

Thank you for your help.


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